iPhone 11 release date | News and updates of apple iPhone XI
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The New iPhone 11 Release date | XI News | Latest updates | theviralvista

The New iPhone 11 XI News | Release date, Latest updates | theviralvista

In 2019 Latest apple mobile launch is Iphone 11 ( XI ) here we are providing latest updates and news on apple iphone 11.

Apple is a brand that needs no introduction. iPhone 11 Release date

The company has released a plethora of phones with outstanding features and specifications about which one can’t even think of.

Now the giant is planning to introduce its new iPhone 11 or iPhone XI most probably in the month of September 2019, maybe on 10th of September will be lauch date of iphone 11.

You might also have heard of many news and leaks of iphone 11 mobile phone about so far.

Let’s have a sneak peek about the new device and its latest features.

Release date of iPhone 11

Iphone 11 mobile
Iphone 11 mobile

Though Apple has not disclosed any official notification about the release of their new device, according to the rumors you can expect.

It to launch somewhere in September or October this year 2019.

It would not be correct to make any serious or vague predictions for the product launch.

What we can do is wait for it just for a small period of time.

The iPhone may be amalgamated with AMOLED displays that are likely to run on iOS 13.

Which was similar to the dark mode that the company had launched with the macOS Mojave, in 2018. According to the report by Bloomberg.

The company has plans to release the phone this year. The customers who are interested in purchasing the phone could pre-order it somewhere around mid-September or October.

Iphone xi
Iphone xi

Speculations about the iPhone are still on The iPhone users are anxiously waiting for the new device to get launched.

Even the big players are also planning to make their debut with the 5G phones in 2019, but Apple is not interested in joining the same bandwagon till 2020.

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Though the company has received slow performance in 2018, still it had received a good profit as compared to other players in the market like smasung, vivo, google pixel and other.

The company has managed to sell nearly 50 million phones in 2018 with latest and high record of apple selling.

Now, it is getting hard to predict what this new device would bring in for us. Now have a look at the aesthetics of iPhone 11-

Specification and features: iPhone 11

The new iPhone 11 is all about the triple lens camera which you might have already

But this time you are going to get it with more significant advancements to make your pictures look even much better.

As per Apple analyst, Ming-Chi-Kuo, one of the three lenses might be invisible and the selfie camera will get a boost from 7MP to 12 MP.

Specification of iphone xi
Specification of iphone xi

As per the source, the front camera of the phone will be upped to 10MP (from 7MP on current models), and the rear camera will have 14MP and 10MP lenses, as well as a third, currently unknown one.

Also, a laser-powered 3D camera is also supposed to be

Destined for the iPhone 11

Apart from this, you can also expect some other kinds of improvements in the other
specifications of the device as well.

Rumours are that the phone will have improved Face ID performance and the reliability this time.

Maybe the company might include
USB-C support in their new device.

Display look of mobile phone

Display look of iphone xi
Display look of iphone xi

From the front, the phone will have a similar look like iPhone XS, but it may get the
iPad’s smaller circular mute slider on the side and on its back, it will have a large bump housing three cameras.

The new device claims to have a 5.8-inch screen and measure 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm.

Processor of the iPhone XI

For its new device processor, the company has joined hands with the company, Taiwan Semiconductor to design its processor like the previous year.

However, there is no confirmation regarding the chip in the model right now.

The users can expect a better and powerful phone than the A12 Bionic chip found on their previous phones, iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

The enhanced power is going to make the processing power of the new device more powerful and efficient to help boost the performance of the graphics.

Slight twist in the design this time Most of the reports have suggested that the users may not get to see any significant changes in the design of the phone this year.

Still, the company is trying its best to combine the components of the Face ID and the front-facing camera in the places possible, suggested by the report revealed by ET News in the month of January.


during the month of January, who is the principal supplier of electronics for the Face ID declared a technology that reduces the space required for the notch may get to be noticed in the new device.

Mobil with 3D Touch

This year Apple might mark the end of 3D Touch technology in its upcoming devices according to the reports of the Apple analyst Kuo who hinted that the company should no more spend unnecessarily on this ancillary feature.

That makes the cost of the device go high without adding much value to the phone.

Apple Pencil also provided –

As per the leaks and rumors, the company is also planning to ass pencil support to its new devices this year.

The users might get to experience a super-capacitor stylus, which reduces the manufacturing cost when compared with the electromagnetic-resonance technology used by the company.

Samsung in some of its premier models.
Association with OLED Apple’s XS and XS Max included the OLED technology and its XR includes an LCD screen.

Keeping this in mind, the company might shift its plan to screen pattern this year.

Though nothing is cleared right now, the report of the Wall Street Journal suggests that the company may still use LCD panel in their cheapest model.

Price of the model: iPhone 11

The users must be very excited to know the price of the upcoming iPhone this year, as you must have seen the whopping price of iPhone X which was launched in 2017.

Though there were many complaints coming from the critics, the users did not pay any attention to the rumours and they were happy with the price as set by the company.

Seeing this, the company took advantage of the situation and has hiked the prices of its other models as well such as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max which were released in 2018.

The price of the new iPhone is likely to be around $999.

New iPhone 11 battery and features

The new iPhone will have improved Facial ID recognition along with the faster charging with some other functionality.

The users may expect two-way wireless charging that charges up the phone very quickly.

This time the phone would have a battery which is roughly 20-25% bigger than the 2,658mAh one in the iPhone XS.

The company has also claimed that they will not make the phone thicker and the lamination on the screen would also be thinner.

The users might also get to notice some other interesting features like its frosted glass black and ultra-wideband connectivity that will enhance indoor positioning and also helping in navigating the interiors or might benefit AR applications.

The phone is also claimed to remain safe underwater or in the rain.

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