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IPhone XS – Price Specifications Features | Buy Accessories online

iphone xs reviews

IPhone XS – Price Specifications Features | Buy Accessories online – The iPhone XS may not be the best phone that Apple s ever created. But it s one among the best ever creation by Apple. And it s not really shocking because it s the new one. It must have got some attractive features. And many of you might even ask me.

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what s actually changed? How is it different from previous Iphone. And what are the similarities between this phone and the previous. Well, given the design is so similar to last year.

What new features are on the iPhone XS?

But the speakers of apple xs are more powerful and wider in sound when compared. It s Apple xs camera has also been enhanced with Smart HDR. And now come to the battery management, it is also better and the chipset is very powerful inside.

These are all just tweaks though, and it would be good for  Apple if it removes the iPhone X from sale. Because that would be a far more attractive option this year.

Now let s talk about the features of iPhone Xs This phone literally consists of Apple s latest operating system. And because of the latest feature iPhone XS , has brought many new features like Dark Mode, and a range of app speed increases.

Iphone xs Specifications and Features Iphone xs Specifications and Features Iphone xs Specifications and Features

But this apple phone is totally different and it s inside contains the main differences. It  is really a strange situation for a review of apple xs. Because most of the time when looking at an ‘S’ variant of an iPhone we ask questions like whether it’s better than the now-cheaper model from the previous year.

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Does iPhone Xs have portrait mode?

In 2018, however, Apple has made the decision to discontinue the apple iPhone X, so while we can compare them. But that won’t help you make any informed choice (unless you can still pick one up while.

iphone xs reviews

One great thing that we can consider about this phone is that the gold variant is really enchanting of apple xs model, than anything else, with a touch of copper in the shade, and brings another option in addition to the Space Gray and silver options.

Apple is proudly talking up its new chipset mobile phone lauch. Hence, with a  really good reason. This IOS phone is one of the most powerful on a smartphone, created as it was using a 7nm process.

Neural Engine in apple xs

Apple iphone Xs also has a new Neural Engine in the mix.Which allows your phone to become more intelligent, and will help you learn it.

It also adds a smart layer to proceedings, that lets the handset to recognize things on the screen, whether that s appending an Animoji or anything. Well, to tell you actually the benefits of  this improved chipset, is really difficult because there are many and we can t quantify it.

There is no way to explain it other than through numbers. Running the iPhone XS through the Geekbench CPU testing process showed that it s also one of the most powerful phones we ve ever used.

Iphone Xs Reviews and Ratings

A score of 11,481 is over 1,000 higher than the iPhone X from last year, and better than any phone we ve tested. This phone runs really fast as well. And the speed improvement can be easily felt as soon as you start using the  the phone.

It is also said that the iPhone XS is one of the snappiest handsets people have ever tapped their way through.

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Other features like gaming etc are also good for this phone. And yeah!  there will be moments when it really cool, but it also depends if that’s what you’re into.

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